£80 to go now and extension trips

Hey long time no speak, I’m now back home and got a summer job to pay for my extension trips on the Inca trek. I am working at an ice cream shop at the moment 5 days a week to earn the £875 I need for the extension trips. The ones I have chosen are the Amazon river and jungle trek, the Nazca Lines and Hucachina.
You can help me to get the final £80 by donating to http://justgiving.co.uk/laura-willows
Love Laura

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Mini update :)

Got my collection cans back now. Also I am testing my blog app on my blackberry. Currently we are at 93% and £2,670.00 Just £180 to go!
Exams are nearly over and so will my 2nd year at university. Been in Starbucks at the union most of the day revising. Just 2 exams to go now.

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