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Update time :)

Okay so I’ve been a little absent from this here blog as I’ve been super busy. What have I been up to you may ask well;
– I have had most of the inoculations required for the trip so far; hepatitis A and B, Yellow fever, Rabies, Typhoid and Malaria tablets prescribed or injected.
– I have now closed my JustGiving page as the total amount raised was £100 higher than my goal, thank you everyone who donated by the way you really have made this once in a life time trip possible for me.
– I have been very busy working at least 12 hours a day 5 days a week in a local ice cream parlour.
– Slowly collecting all the kit needed for this trip. So far I have anti mosquito wrist bands, a self inflating camp mat, sleeping bag, camel sack and day bag. Anti mosquito unzipable trouser/shorts, walking boots x2 and water steriliser. Still need to sort out spending money and other clothes I think but getting there now.
– I have booked my travel by coach to London Heathrow Airport there and back. Just 2 weeks to go now. EXCITED 😀
Love Laura

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