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30% there now!!!

WOW this is amazing! 30% already, which brings the total raised to £880.50 now!!
no much has been happening this week but the recent flood of donations means that I have been sponsored £344.88 for the Kayak across Coniston – since I announced it 9/12/12.
Map of Coniston WaterThis is AMAZING too thank you, I shall be doing it when I go home for Easter holidays, I’ve even dug out my wetsuit in case I fall in 😛 Coniston Is the long length of water on the Left of the image, it is 8.8km end to end.
Keep telling your friends what I’m doing, only 184 days until Machu Picchu too 🙂

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27% change of plan

Okay so I realise that I haven’t blogged in a while, been kinda snowed under with uni work but I thought I would share some updates with you all 🙂
Okay so LOST is cancelled due to lack of interest, also the people in charge were very slow to let people know all the necessary details.

Total Raised so far is £772.50 which is not only 27% of the way there but completely AMAZING 🙂 I hope you realise how much this has helped me, The other people on the trek so far the minimum they have raised has been £50 and the maximum has been £512 :O WOW so yes pat on the backs all round.
The next goal is £850 by the end of February, please let me know if there is anything you would be willing to sponsor me for, the Kayaking across Coniston is still on for Easter holidays – March 28th – April 19th  I’m hoping to raise £150 for that alone in sponsors.Greetings from Portsmouth and keep spreading the word, Donate hereThank you for all your help and continued supportLaura

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