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It’s Christmas Time :D

Winter for Christmas

Hey Guys, yup its Christmas Eve here, just been messing about with my make-up for the past 30 minutes and decided that this year I  shall be Winter 🙂
Oh yea fundraising, doing odd jobs and suchlike my rattle can number 1 is full and veryyyyy heavy 😀 yay for dragging it home to Portsmouth across the country in January to be counted and added to my total.
So far I have raised £500 online on my Justgiving page which means I’m 17%  on the way to my goal and have achieved the step/goal of £500 by January 7th 2013, next up the £700 by January 31st.

I think my sponsored Kayak across the length of Coniston is postponed until the warmer weather of Easter Holidays, hopefully then I can gain some more sponsors for it :D.
Planning for when I go back to “Rag raid” (Raising And Giving) – Rattle cans and Buckets in shopping centres in Southampton or London.
I’m a bit stuck for ideas to raise a whole lot of money in less than a month, whilst working of University coursework and presentations, so any suggestions and input is welcome 🙂

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15% and Hurdles

Okay so I have some explaining to do 🙂
I’ve emailed my local Rotary for some help in the fund raising, so far:

I will forward this to John our Community Service Chairman and one of us will get back to you. Regards Geoff”
and have emailed and written a letter to my high school and had no response.

So far I’ve raised £437.00 as of 9/12/12 – 15% of the overall goal 

now been emailed by my adventure leader explaining the next hurdle:
You have some fund-raising hurdles that you need to hit. The first hurdle you have been set is to have £500 raised by Monday 7th Jan, and then £700 by Thursday 31st Jan.”

So planned for when I go home for Christmas:

  • Take my “rattle can” to my local pub and request to keep it there for over the Christmas and new year period.
  • Raise sponsorship money for my Winter Kayak over Coniston Water (8.8km) 
Donate here for sponsoring 🙂

                       I will be filming / taking pictures from in my kayak and tweeting (hopefully live – signal permitting) – Twitter page

  • When I get back to Portsmouth I will be taking part in what is known as “Rag Raids” – basically a group of us go into a shopping centre, (after gaining permission from that council, Takes a Long time) and talking to people about the Inca Trek and what Practical Action (my charity) are doing and hopefully they donate a few coins in our buckets 🙂

That’s all for now, keep spreading the word and thank you so much for all your donations so far 😀


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