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Yay 10% video Thank you 😀 I may do more of these in future 🙂 £307 raised so far.

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Wow so grateful!

Wow this has been an odd week, i’ve been ill and grumpy because i’m ill so haven’t really been paying attention to what’s actually been going on with the raising money for the trek, but I looked today and to date we have raised £202.00, which is both amazing in the amount of donations and it being 7% of the total raised now only the end of week 2 raising. The goal for this week was to raise £196.56 but again that goal has been smashed 🙂
Next week we need to have raised a total of £294.84 I’ve been talking with my mum on how this can be achieved and she suggested I combine the “get fit” element of this adventure with raising money and that I could collect donations through doing a sponsored row. This would be that I collect donations and in return (probably next spring) I paddle the length of Coniston Water in my Kayak. This is something I’ve never done but I have paddled on Coniston many times before. It is 5 miles long and will be tough. (old picture of me and the boat)

Today I have a meet and greet with the other people taking part on the trek and a pub quiz later too with them. The bar has been set and raised, let’s get jumping!

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